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We are (Garrett) one of the best metal detector manufacturers in India dealing in a wide range of hand held and door frame metal detectors to make the airport, metro station, railway station, companies, societies, gated communities, factories, hotels, resorts, government buildings more secured. You can get reliable performance with guaranteed assurance for all entry-exit points in your workplace with Garrett products. Garrett is one of the best and reliable metal detector manufacturer in India..

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Types of a metal detector are ferrous metal detector, non-ferrous metal detector, underwater metal detector, hot metal detector, micro scan metal detector, industrial metal detector, food metal detector, grain metal detector, underground metal detector, digital metal detector, twelve zone metal detector, nine zone metal detector, single-zone metal detector, metal detecting machine, tunnel door frame metal scanner, and full-body scanner.

Hand Held Metal Detector in India

We are leading hand held metal detector suppliers in India offering high-performance Garrett hand-held metal detectors to make your building more secure. Your security guards can scan all visitors accurately and keep all work more secure. Garrett is the most trusted metal detector brand, you can consult our experts for more information about hand held metal detector price in India.

Door Frame Metal Detector in India

We are an ISO certified company and professional door frame metal detector suppliers in India supplying industrial single zone, nine zone and twelve zone door frame metal detectors to provide full-body scan security. We can assure you of Garrett's quality that no prohibited element can pass it. Customize your requirements with our integrators and get the best door frame metal detector price in India.

Walk Through Metal Detector in India

Looking metal detector on rent in India? We can help you with both small and large requirements of metal detectors for airports, office buildings, schools, government agencies and prison scanning systems. We also deal in gold metal detectors for industrial use only. You can discuss your requirements and purpose for the gold metal detector in India so that verified solutions can be shared on request.

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